How to create an effective video for Fiverr?

Are having videos to explain your service to the freelance market a effective way of getting hired?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • No

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I am trying to create a video for my Fiverr Account. Can you please give me tips on how to do it?
What do employers want to see in this type of videos?


Yes , 100% you will get better results in comparison to the profile just having text description .

Tips for your video

1. Make it short and brief.
2. Try to give a Intro who you are , what your experience is.
3. What service you will provide , what will be your TAT ( Turn Around Time )
4. How much dedication you will give per client ( Every client is important)
5. End your video with saying Thanks .

Sometime a Intro video of 30 seconds explain better then a video of 30 Minutes .

feel free to ask me if you have any further query.