How much time do you spend on the internet per day?


How much time do you spend on the internet per day? how many hours?

I spend around 5 hours around forums and social networks. However, I hang out for chatting with friends, family to keep up with, but I spend as much time as I have got an online job or requests from clients.

How about you?


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I spend almost 12 hours a day on my computer for my online business. I usually work online, watch videos or movies, listen to music and surf around.


If I include the time watching my favorite series and films in the evening and reading just for pleasure, then 15 for sure, every day. Just working - 10 hours.


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I really don't know how many hours I spend online. Often times it is a huge part of my day like as much as 18 hours. Other times I don't go online at all = zero hours. It depends on where I am working that day and what my priorities look like for that day.

helena marvin

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Now since i have my phone with me all day and I constantly check it pretty often, I can say 18 hours easy on the internet. Not much of chatting, but I keep my eyes peeled for freebie stuff and contests.


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I am working on online. Average I have passed 12 hours on a day.
12 hours a day so are you working at home? Is it enough money to spend for your activities in real life if you don't work for a company with fixed salery?


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It's about 10 hours per day. Sometime I feel that my job is so boring :(

Rajiv Singhi

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Approximate 10 hours minimum/day. Its too boring for me... I need some rest Guys...

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More than 10 in the hard working days

Will Smith

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I spend about 10-12 hours for internet because my work now is marketing online. So, I spend 8 hours at workplace per day with my laptop. Besides, I also chat with friends, read news and play game online, etc.

Maria Marketing

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I only spend about a half hour to maybe an hour on the internet per day but that is mainly because I do not have a good internet connection. I have been looking into getting a different internet service provider so when I get it I know I will be on the internet a lot more. :)


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I spend usually around 6-8 hours a day on the internet. Some days more but rarely is it any less than that.

Even if I am not doing some kind of work, I am doing research or other tasks online. The last few years the number has climbed from what was 2-3 hours a day or so.

I do so many things online these days that it's hard to get away from it, not that i'd want to! :Dans2:

Cheers, Dean


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The more I think about it the crazier it sounds but I spend between 12-16 hours a day online. Almost all of my work is online based so that is a big part of it, plus I like to stay busy working and trying to achieve goals.

One of our other members, @ProfMike had said something about liking to stay busy and that he enjoys working and that is built into him, I am the same way (Sorry if I got the exact reference wrong Mike, I can't remember your exact wording).

Because of how I am built, I enjoy staying busy and working and growing things, whether it's a website or blog or something else it helps to try to reach goals. Since I work online and I am a workaholic that contributes to my long hours I spend online every day.

Some days it's a little longer than the 16 I stated above, especially if I have a deadline, sometimes it a little less but 12-16 hours is the range of time I spend on the internet per day.

Crazy huh? ;)


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Most days I spend about 2 or 3 hours on the internet but there are some days that I spend several more hours to try to get more things done. I have been helping some friends with their websites the last couple of weeks so it has been a bit longer than most days. I usually spend more time during the week on the internet than on weekends.