How many Twitter accounts can you have?


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You can create as many as you can handle like facebook, you just need to have a valid email for each account and as long as you do not violate thier rules then I dont see any problem with that..


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You can create a lot of twitter account as long as you have cellphone numbers and email to verify your account. Twitter App allows you to +Add Account in able for you to use your account with ease.


Actually I don't know if how many twitter account allowed, I only have one account, and I'm not active, I always on my Facebook. But I think like Facebook that you can make another account, you can make your own page, like business page. Maybe in twitter, they also have that kind of features, specially most of the people right now using social media for marketing, and you should have that, the separate account for personal and for business.


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I have one account and will probably stick to that main account for now. I've had it for going on 9 years now. I don't think there's a limit to how many you can have. But most people in my twitter-verse usually have 2 or 3 brand or website accounts.


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I have seen some that have a large number of accounts. More than 20 different accounts and they have been using twitter for years and they have not been banned so I think as long as you are not doing something wrong there is not a low limit.