How important are YouTube videos for website marketing these days

IM Alex

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Hello guys,

I am currently thinking about growing my website but I lack the social media expertise.
I am involving myself more actively on Tumblr, Twitter, and Face Book but I am not so sure about YouTube.
I am aware that YouTube videos used to be huge back in the day. My question is how important is YouTube in today's world of growing websites?

Thanks in advanced!
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Hello :) Surprisingly YouTube is STILL a viable place to market these days.

The thing about YouTube is you have to get those tags right in order to attract the right traffic.

You also can overlap You-tube with other social media like posting your you tube URL to you facebook page, or in a group.
If you have a Google plus account, you can post you YouTube URL there. Pinterest is becoming huge you can post the link there.

YouTube Cuts out some of the work of having to create content for all your social media, when you can just post your link to all your social media.
I use YouTube For my online boutique as part of my marketing tool box and its served me well.

Good luck!

IM Alex

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Youtube is a great source of traffic. Over Half the things sold online is from video.

I heard about that but honestly I don't know where to start?

Should I hire a video maker to create videos and promote them on YT? Do you have any experience on this?

Mr. Murf

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Ya i have a guide on warrior forum. Making the video is pretty simple, the problem is getting it ranked in google and youtube for your keywords that you want. Unless you share it with friends and your video is really good and goes viral!
I can't post links yet but here is the my WSO here


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Video is one of the best way to make your marketing interesting. I think it is great to use Youtube in marketing because it attracts the viewers.It boasts more than 3 billion video views per day, making it an excellent place for marketers to find consumers.


you-tube is still in the business of helping websites especially if you're a producer and you'll need your product to be demonstrated or illustrated then obviously you need a video in you-tube.

I think much sales comes from you-tube videos.

so yea,you-tube is still in high demand for websites survival


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From what everyone said in this topic, it seems youtube is still in the game for website marketing. I thought that in the era of social medias facebook, twitter and such were the number one for traffic. I've seen people post video of their products on their facebook page, that's why I thought youtube did not produce a lot of traffic.


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Youtube is in the game for website marketing. You will need to link your social medias well. As for the video itself, you might need to come up with well edited videos to promote your product.

If you are creative and manage to make a viral video, you can easily get a huge amount of traffic which leads on to huge sums of revenue.


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YouTube is a great resource! As long as you are able to produce quality videos that will entice the customer into watching, I see no reason why you shouldn't. However, if you are posting dull videos with lackluster content I wouldn't even bother making them.


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In my own opinion youtube videos are really necessary for website marketing. For me its one of an excellent platforms for website marketing and even for personal use such as sharing videos to friends and family. Youtube in video marketing efforts is undeniably successful. Just make sure your videos to be uploaded are interesting and knowledgeable to encourage more viewers. People choose to watch on youtube more often.


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In my opinion YouTube videos plays a vital role in a website. People now a days tend to watch rather than to read because their attention span is very short, having said that their attention span is short, we have to be very careful when making YouTube videos, because it has to me meaningful and interesting right from the get go, because if not, visitors from your website will not watch it. I think it is necessary to have at least an introduction or promotional video on your website, it brings life and beauty to your site also.


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In my opinion, Youtube is one of the best sites to post or make videos about marketing. Most of the people are tired of reading some articles or post on a social media site, but making a video about something and post it on youtube makes marketing very interesting. There are lots of articles or posts that are hard to understand while if you make videos out of it will make a demonstration and further explanation easy to understand.


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The visual presentation is the best way to introduce any product that you can offer especially if made in videos is many ways better. It's entertaining and in seconds you can establish a connection with your target audience, make them interested in your product. So, Yes youtube has a big impact on any website, definitely, I will use youtube as my main source of advertisement for my website.

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Whenever I'd like to learn something out of my knowledge one of my source is Youtube. Even if I'm not looking for a particular product , there are ads that pops on my page. In this case, I find Youtube as a good platform for marketing sales because people will be able to check your product unexpectedly. They are looking for something , and here comes your product , just pop. Also by using Youtube, the step by step procedure can be clearly understood by the consumer .
YouTube videos for website marketing is now a great way and most of people is doing this thing to promote their website. It's very easy and also very effective way to attract visitor to your website.


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I don't think a YouTube presence is as important as a social media presence, but it certainly can't hurt. You can use YouTube to show off your products and post it to your social media. Facebook's own built-in video player is also great for this purpose.


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I am an avid Youtube watcher. I watch every single day. And I noticed that every video contain 1-3 advertisement. Advertisers use Youtube to gain consumers because it is well known to be idolized by many. I do not know anyone who doesn’t watch videos on Youtube. Google is informative, so as Youtube. You can find anything in Youtube, nowadays. So I think it is a win win situation to content creatprs and advertisers.


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Video is on of the best way to advertise. So if you make one. Millions of people can watch it. Just make sure your video has quality to be more interesting.