How I earn from Affiliate Marketing?


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You basically just signup for affiliate programs and then try to market what the advertiser wants you to try to sell. You can put affiliate advertisements on your site and then try to get more traffic and better rankings for your site so that more people will see them and maybe click on the advertisements and make a purchase. You then get paid for a portion of the purchase amount.

You can also send out emails with your offers if the advertisers allow that and make money that way. You need to have a good email list though.

Affiliate marketing is just you trying to sell the things that other people and businesses want to sell and if you can do that they they will pay you for it. That way you don't have to have anything of your own to sell.


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Affiliate Marketing needs a lot of works and dedication. To get Started with affiliate marketing you need a blog or website. Choose a right product and write a killer review post about it. Promote it through social media sites and do some SEO work. This will help you to make some money out from it. Last but not the least, you need a email list for promoting offers.