How do you obtain targeted email lists for your online business?

How do you obtain targeted email lists for your online business?

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by robertdn, Jan 18, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,

    Does anybody around here known how I can get targeted email lists for an online business?

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated from anyone willing to share.

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    @montolio. Here is a step by step guide. I hope it works.
    - You should have a business website, e-commerce site or blog, make a submission to FeedBurner which will send you a HTML code for a form for accepting e-mail identities from targeted visitors. Paste the same on a light box that appears as a small box each time the page loads. This will insist that visitors or targeted customers provide their e-mail particulars.
    - Another way is to start a fan competition or engagement event on your business website, Facebook Page or blog making sure that the signup criteria involves submission of e-mail IDs. This way you get to engage fans as well as obtain targeted email IDs.
    - Use Chats, signatures, forums, Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on to promote your FeedBurner email subscription URL.
    - Ask all your friends, family and associates to share your FeedBurner e-mail subscription URL across any network they can get their hands on.
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