How do you juggle your Personal life and your freelance job?


Well given freelancing allows you to work at home. So how do you balance your personal task with your freelancing job?


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I don't think the two get in each other's way right now, as I'm still a new freelancer online. Granted, I do go to events for the newspaper to write freelance articles, but normally my husband is included in those. Maybe, somewhere down the line, I may have to juggle to two together, but as for right now they don't bother each other.


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I think setting specific times (work hours) really helps. Whenever working at home, I have to go the office to be fully focus or I would get side tracked doing other things.

You must put your going to work hat
- Set a time/schedule you are going to be working (i.e. 8:00am to 4:00pm)
- Remove yourself from all distractions
- When not within schedule focus on your personal items and forget about work.

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How hard it is to balance, depends on how a) how busy your personal life is & b) how busy your freelancing career is going.

There are only 24 hours in a day.

If PersonalLife.hours + FreelanceingWork.hours + Sleep.hours > 24
Life = "Problems"
End if


david smith

I have fixed a time when I do my freelancing job, and during that time I totally dedicated myself to the job. There are times when personal life may come in the schedule of one's freelancing job but it up to the individual to manage the job and get it done.


This is a very pertinent question because I could literally freelance twenty-four-seven, like some robotic writing automaton, and never even stop to come up for air because the imminent workload and networking is endless. Therefore, I have to set daily boundaries and goals on a constant basis. Some of these boundaries and goals are negotiable, but family comes first, even after I have worked myself blind, and I always strive to keep a balance between my work self and my heart.


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I chose a freelance career to have more of a personal life, so I make a conscious effort to ensure one doesn't hinder the other. I keep a calendar to stay aware of deadlines, I only work during certain hours of the day, and when it's time to chill, hang with family, or take care of myself, I make sure to do just that.

Occasionally, there will be some overlap. Sometimes things come up that require me to work a bit later or longer than normal. Or sometimes I just have more work because I want more money, but that is the exception rather than the norm. If it wasn't, then I might as well go back to working for someone else instead of for myself.