How do you get more Likes on Facebook?


There's a lot of application right now for auto likes. Just search it to google app or play store. most of the likes you will get from that application is real Facebook user, I don't know how it works but most of them are Indian national. You will get a thousand likes from that app but they are not able to comment to your post.

Karl Joshua

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Adding several Friends boost the number of likes and love button. Play simple. Be ridiculous. Post things on what you are good at. Reply to recent comments. Take innitiatives. Lastly, like other people back.

Warning: Never ever message someone for likes, it is even lower than self pity.


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How to get more Facebook likes?
Its hard acually hehe, but I believe that the best way for you to earn many likes is by creating a very informative post, something that's a fad, something that can be viral, an interesting topic -- that can probably make a conversation with other people. Just like with forums like these... the conversations and the topic is alive since there is interaction with people who has interest with the thread you've started. Just like with Facebook it has to get the attention of the people in Facebook and make your post Public.


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To make more likes on your post you need to learn what is the viral or latest to day to make more like you need to post something new or someting great owesome to make more like