How do you differentiate your website from your competitors?


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Hi guys,

I put up a lot of work designing and putting up my website only to discover that there are many websites that are quite similar to mine.

How do you go about differentiating your own website from those your competitors have put up?

Any advice will be very welcome. Thanks you!


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In my area of operation, websites can often resemble one another in physical presentation.

What makes mine unique is that I keep on identifying which Keywords my competitors are using and try to keep away from them. Instead, I choose the Keywords with the least competition and concentrate on having information and content focusing on these low competition Keywords.

Another trick is to do a lot of Search Engine Optimization which means that although there are many websites similar to mine, most prospective visitors will be directed to mine as a result of using unique SEO practices.

Finally, I make sure that the content on my site is better and much more informative than my competitors. This way, I get more clients through reference and a good reputation.


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A lot of people seem to forget or just do not know who their target audience are... Which results in websites which just state "look at how great I am..."... resulting in them being boring to everyone else other than the web owner lol...

Hence my best advice is to focus on your target audience, in particular their pain points and how you propose to solve them i.e. benefits...

Finally always makes sure you have one MWR per page i.e. "Most Wanted Reaction" e.g. either you are attempting to move a user to a specific page/post or to signup to a list, or click on a "buy now/subscribe" button etc....


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One of my main priorities when I build a website is that I like it to look unique and not like every other competitors website on the internet. I like my sites look different so that way when someone see's one of my site's then they will remember that site when they return to it later.

I like to make nice clean websites that make an impression. Many people and businesses have sites that look just like the websites of everyone else, that's something I try to not do.


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I like my sites to have a unique look and feel to them and a couple of things that I try to do is design them to look different that sites in the same niche.

I try to add a more personal feel to the content of my sites whether it's the page content, the images or the way that I write my articles.

I like to have something that people will want to come back to for one reason or another. ;)


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Most of the other blogs that I have seen in the same niche as mine are cluttered with too much things on the pages. With mine I try to keep my blog clean and simple so I guess that's how I try to help it to be more unique.