How do I find advertisers for my website?


I was just approved, you can check out the adblock here:

Well it has my ad in their now (Which can change if you check it), but you can put any ad you want in the block and if someone comes a long an pays your asking price, it will switch out.

This gives you the opportunity to use whatever platform you want, then you can override it when someone pays what you're asking. People see how much it will cost to take over that slot on the day basis. Keep in mind it's based on where you come from, because you're selling the ad in 4 different regions.
To advertise your business digitally PPC is a only and one best platform for you where you can advertise your business or you can also post your business ads on social media site that'll also helps you to get more traffic to your website.

Eric Hecht

New Member
Hi members,

I have a new website with a decent traffic and I would like to find out how and where to find Advertisers for the site.

What are the most effective ways that you tried and got successes with them?

Please share any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I think you want people to come over you website and contact you to publish their ads on the platform. So i would suggest you to add a contact form or registration from on the website landing page, since this works as user engagement and interaction. hope you like this idea!