How can we keep kids safe on social media


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I agree all kids today is more on technology and my kids always use my mobile phones and android tablet i give you some tips to secured on social media for my mobiles phone i put a password to cannot open and the tablet of my child i install all kids apps likes a youtube kids and its great youtube kids is safe because all kids movies and cartoons only and if you search not good movies is unavailable and in facebook all not good groups or post is blocked and protected i choose private to make more secured and you need to be guide your child or cheked everyday to make more safe in socialmedia parentalguidance is a must because the truth social media is not 100percent safe for kids thats why need a parent guide thats all


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On my opinion, I suggest to be more knowlegable when it comes to internet to protect the mental health, body or appearance, feelings and etc. of our children like knowing how block the sites that are not suitable or not advisable for them like porn sites, sites that has too much fight that can affect their behaviour as a child. And I also suggest to watch or monitor the things that they do or watch in the social media.


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What i think will be helpful is limiting their time on using their gadgets. Set a time limit, don't totally block or stop them from engaging in social media. This will further ignite their interest to social media. Guide them carefully answer every question they throw at you.


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Very important thing. We should educated them well.
As it is hard to keep them 100% safe from social media I try block the site if possible.
I also create a friendly relationship with my kid and I talk with them openly so that I can make them understand the bad parts of the social media.

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I have been going through this situation for some time now and I can tell you from experience that it is not an easy task. Sometimes children just don't know how to identify things that they should avoid or are possible problems.

Since most of us can't watch our children 24 hours a day the best thing I think is to just try to educate them of the dangers and try to limit the amount of time they spend on the social media websites.


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Having three kids (10, 5, and 4 years old) who love watching youtube and are more technically knowledgeable than me, it is best to always have parental supervision. Don't let them watch youtube alone. Better yet, have it played on your TV screen so that you may all see what your kids are playing. And when it comes to social media, my eldest who has his own Facebook, I only allow him to use laptop for Facebook and if he needs to chat with his friends he does it in our living room where we can see him. We don't allow him to use his computer laptop in his room alone.