Have you ever bought Facebook likes?


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What were the results?
Were they just fake accounts/bots or were they actually real active people?

Please share your advice!
I have! It didn't work much. people liked the page but it didn't really generate much more business. I suppose it can work if you are just looking for likes on your page :)


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What are the benefit that Button "Iike" in facebook bring back to you ? Or someday when you sign in your fanpage, you know that your fanpage is locked

Cause you violated the policies of facebook ,What will you do in this case?
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No, because I knew that this would get me likes, but not real followers - there wouldn't be no action or interaction on my page whatsoever. Passive, fake likes won't help you in any way. You'll just loose the money you used to pay for them.


I never bought such services, I am more from old school and like to do work manually and let such things happen naturally.


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Bought Facebook likes (especially in bulk) are usually most (if not all) fake/bot accounts. Buying likes is against Facebook TOS and can get your account shut down or penalized if they find out.

Getting a large number of likes all of a sudden can send a red flag for your account and that's not in your best interest.


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I have never bought Facebook likes but I know several people who have. They have said that it was pretty much a waste of money and that the best way to get more likes is to just use Facebook ads. One even had problems and had to jump through hoops to get his account from being banned because Facebook said that he was gaining likes in ways against their policies.

I would avoid this and find other ways to gain likes.

Cheers, Dean.


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I would never buy facebook likes or followers or anything like that. They have to all be fakes or bot accounts and those are not going to buy anything from you or be interested in anything you post. They have to be fake because how are they getting thousands of real people to like you post or page and all at about the same time. I can't believe that people fall for this which is an obvious scam.


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I've seen some reviews from them who bought likes. Unfortunately, most of them are fake and not getting benefits for them. In my experience, when I'm alert about taking likes, it gives me a better journey with web experience such as reducing bounce rate, getting real visitors etc. I think, we should avoid buying likes, properly.