Gamers, what kind of stories/articles would you want to read?


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I'm about to start my own gaming blog and I'm looking for inputs in content.

So far, I'm thinking of putting out video game think pieces, articles that say feature a game and relate its design to the gaming narrative and/or how we as persons interact with it as a type of medium (games are after all called the interactive medium).

Would you say that this is the sort of content that people will read? I understand that a lot of things will still have to depend on what my blog will really look like and how palatable I make my writing to be, but with all things held constant, what do you think of the idea?


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I am not much of a gamer these days but I can say that what I would want is articles that give honest reviews and some good how-to articles that let you know some of the key features and aspects and how to do things related to the games.

I know some other people who have gamer sites and these are by far the more popular things that most games look for.


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I am not a gamer but my kids are and they are always looking for cheats for their video games. I really don't know much about them but they told me they are things you can do to get past levels or gain some extra features.

They are always trying to have me search Google for cheats for their video games so I am sure these are something that would be popular.


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I would do tips, cheats, guides and reviews for games and these will probably do better than some others. All gamers also like to see good high quality images too so remember to use good ones for your posts.


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When I am looking at gaming blogs I am looking mostly for cheats and tips. I look for some reviews sometime if I am thinking about buying a new game.


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Anything that can help us out with something. Cheat codes or tricks or some guides on how to do things are good to have. Some gamers like to read reviews but I don't usually read any myself.