FREE FREE Blacklist Monitoring - Know if any of your IPs get blacklisted before it gets to affect you!


HetrixTools is the quick and simple way to monitor your IPs and notice if any of them get blacklisted, so you can immediately take action to find the cause and start the delisting procedures, before it gets to affect you or your clients.

We are currently quadrupling the FREE package features for IMS members, absolutely free of charge, for life!

FREE IMS Special Package:
  • 128 Monitored IPs
  • Checkups: every 12 hrs
  • Report History: 1 month
How to obtain this:
- sign up for free on our website:
- in your dashboard you'll find your account's public key (used to identify your account without sharing any sensitive information)
- reply with your public key here in this thread OR open a support ticket
- your account will be upgraded to the special IMS package, for free!

Don't lose clients over blacklisted IPs, keep a clean spam-free network!

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread and I hope you'll find HetrixTools a useful blacklist monitoring service.
Have a nice day!