Facebook or Google+ for Marketing?


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This is very interesting question that I am doing both each day for marketing on social networks. But I don't know which is more effective for traffic and customers when I don't have any tools to measure them. which one should I focus on?

Could anyone advise me?


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Interesting question... For me its simple maths... There are way more people on FB... In addition you can run very targeted ads based on Nationality, gender, interests, hobbies, profession etc... The shear numbers of people using FB makes it a gold mine of opportunities... For me its no doubt its the clear winner between the two...

G+ on the other hand does have its loyal fans as well as some great features such as hangouts which can help with providing private online seminars, chat, support etc... However with all that said I personally view G's venture into social media as a failure... However I will say its in your interest to use both platforms ... Getting G+ shares can indeed help with getting your site noticed as with FB likes and shares....