Facebook Ads or Facebook Groups?


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Hey Guys.

I have a make money video training niche and I also have 200+ Facebook related groups. I am wondering which one is better, buying facebook ad or posting on facebook groups?

I have not ever tried promoted on FB groups, just registered groups for marketing plans

I would like to know your experience.


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Facebook groups are a great way to start, if you have a great offer many people jump on board however, I've found that people looking on those groups are mostly freebie seekers. So, It really depends on what you are looking for. If you want sales it's better to start an Ad campaign, if you want opt-ins then groups are a great way to start.

I recommend you try both and see what works for you, just target your audience the best you can and set in place a small budget. I usually start with $5/day and scale it up.

Hope it helps :)


I think groups would be better. If your group is popular more people will join and most likely join what you were advertising too. :)