Does Affiliate marketing help drive sales?

Is PTC's a good way of generating traffic

  • Yes

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  • No

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Well, the term Affiliate Marketing is very new to me however I am doing it right now through PTC's.
Anyways I am just wondering if business actually increase sales by using this type of marketing technique because frankly speaking I just click away whenever I am working on my PTC account.


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Take your money and put it in a hat, take that hat, wear it and hold your hat tight. The problem with PTC traffic is that it's general people, it's not targeted traffic so the conversions will be really low. People sign-up to these PTC networks so that they can click ads and get paid, they don't care about the offers.

PTC doesn't have a good ROI (return on investment), so my answer to your poll is NO and I would never recommend this type of traffic to anyone.


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The amount of sales that you might generate by using PTC is probably not going to be worth it versus the amount that you have to spend on getting them. There are many other options that would be a better investment in time and money.

You can use social media marketing to help generate some good sales and even placing banner advertisements on forums and websites that are in the same niche as what you are trying to promote. This way you would get some highly targeted traffic and will more than likely generate more sales and income for you.

Cheers, Dean.


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I think using this you need to make sure that your ads are real nice and draw the right people to click on them. When I first tried this a couple years ago I didn't put enough though into my ads and had to learn. It was quite costly. Just go for a quality ad that will make the right people want to see what you have to offer.