Do you recommend Google AdWords to promote my Website?


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Hey everybody,

I am a freelance writer and I want to promote my blog made on Blogger.

I cannot make up my mind whether to use Google AdWords or concentrate on Search Engine Optimization.

I am aware of the value of both and think SEO will take some time to give me results while Google AdWords could give me quicker results.

Could you give your suggestions please?

Thanks in advance.


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You are on the right track. PPC will give you immediate traffic while SEO will take much longer.

Why don't you try Google Adwords and see if you can create a profitable ad campaign? If you can create a profitable ad campaign, then you know your website will convert and you will know what keywords to target for SEO.

Think of it this way - If you can do Adwords profitably and you can do SEO profitably, then why wouldn't you do both? You would do both right? So start with Adwords and see if you can do that profitably or not. That will let you know if you should invest more in PPC or if you should focus on SEO instead.

There is another thread on this website about advice for a freelance writer. You might get something from reading that too.
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If you have never used Adwords then my recommendation is to take the time and effort to learn it before you invest any funds... Its a beast to learn and the most difficult part is making sure you achieve an ROI with amending/filtering out the poor performing ones... Noting you also need to know how to increase your adrank score in order reduce PPC costs... In addition Adwords has a lot of policies/rules and if you are not familiar with it then you can very easily lose your account i.e. user safety, bridge policy, info harvesting etc are ones which I have had to deal with in the past such as issues relating to exaggerated claims which need to be backed up or watered down, disclosures, affiliate offers, optin pages etc... It can be a real pain and real easy to fall into... In fact most websites which sell stuff are not compliant in the first instance ;-)

I also note that you are using a blogger site... If I was you I would migrate that to a self hosted solution with using a CMS like Wordpress... that way you can also integrate sales/buy now as well as vastly improving the professional look and feel...

Finally if I was you I would focus on ads as well as participation on sites where your target audience hangs out e.g. forums and related websites as well as social groups... in addition to placing offers/services on sites like odesk, fiverr etc...

Best of luck!
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Google Adwords will help your keyword to rank faster in search engines and your blog will gain popularity faster. But the drawback is that you need to invest for getting a successful Adwords campaign done, whereas SEO is free and you can work independently to rank your keywords successfully in search engines.


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Google Adwords will help your keyword to rank faster in search engines and your blog will gain popularity faster.
I think what you meant to say there was that Adwords will help you get your site listed on page one in Google under the advertising sections for whatever keywords you are targeting. And if you are willing to bid high enough and have a high quality score, then you could have the top ranked advertisement on that page.

Buying advertising through Google Adwords does not directly help your website ranking in the organic listings at all. I just wanted to make that clear because there is a myth floating around the internet where people think that buying Adwords helps your organic website rankings. It does not help it at all.


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First of all, you must understand that both things can bring value to your blog - If your blog has quality on it and your service is good. You can try a little bit of both if you have the budget ,if not - do a little SEO first and after you have the SEO you can buy the traffic .

Have a great day!


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If you have instant money and want instant result then start with PPC , generate funds and use profit earned for SEO.


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If you are wanting traffic and wanting it fast then Adwords will definitely get those kind of things going faster than SEO. I would recommend doing the proper SEO as you are running your Adwords campaign/s to help insure that eventually your site will get some good rankings and the traffic that you would want.

If you want to get more bang for your buck then you can use Bing Ads instead of Adwords as it's a lot cheaper in most cases for the clicks on your ads. You can even run both and just split your budget between the two.

Cheers, Dean.


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Personally I would concentrate on both SEO and using Google AdWords to promote a blog. I would be in a constant state of doing SEO for the blog while in the beginning when a blog is new I would use Google AdWords to help get an initial boost in traffic.

After the blog is established and you have built up some good backlinks then start winding down for using AdWords. This way a new blog can get exposure when it's new and continued traffic from the SEO as it ages.

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Hey, i would suggest if you really don't have patience and want traffic on your website immediately so in this case Google Adwords will show you the results soon. But in case you can wait for few months so get the organic and referral traffic to your website so you should go for SEO.