Do you erase the photos of your Ex bf/gf in your social media account?


Well I'm just curious about that, do you think it's necessary to do that, erasing some old and memorable photos? :)


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Well its really depend on the person if he/she wants to erase all the memories left behind with their partners.
If he/she wants to move on and don't want to remember all the old good and bad memorable photos with their partners, he/she will delete it for the sake of their selves.
If he/she wants to treasure it even though it hurts the most, well they will choose to not erase it and treasure it forever.
In my case, I deleted all the old messages and memorable photos with my ex bf because I don't want to remember him even a single thing about him. Its because I am the only one who put effort in our relationship and I'm so fool not to know that he had been cheated me since the day he started courted me.
Well life goes on and this serves as a lesson in my life.
Let's just deal with it and just spread the love!

Vincent Mari

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For me it depends what history we had if we separated bad much better if i can erase all of our memories but if we didnt burned any bridges i will keep it as they become part of our life once in a while :)


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Well I'm just curious about that, do you think it's necessary to do that, erasing some old and memorable photos? :)
Well it depends. If you and your ex has ended up in a mutual or good terms, I guess it will be just ok not to erase them. If not, I guess that it is just right to erase them.


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Well for me, there's no point of having those photos for your happy moments with your Ex Bf/Gf. It might affect your current relationship with someone and also can cause trouble so better delete those photos as soon as possible. I'm just referring in my personal issue, at the end of the days its always your choice.

JB Fernandez

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Yeah. Or sometimes I just lost it in the middle of switching phones. Anyway, there's no sense on keeping it anymore since we already broke up. It ill just make me remember her or even the pain that I used to feel when we broke up.


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A person in your past, an old flame relationship to be exact has a lot to do with how your life was shaped. As a matter of fact, even if you broke up with him doesn’t mean you did not enjoy his company. Memories will be there, good and bad.

However, to be fair with your present partner, and to lessen arguments or any doubts, it is best to remove pictures of your ex-boyfriend from your social media accounts.


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If it's something worth looking back(the memories) why not? But if its parting time and you just want to move on, I suggest we give respect to the incoming love of our lives.
We can just erase it and prepare that super clean sheet of white paper for your next one :)


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I don't delete them when I already move on because those pictures are memories. I have a lot of lesson from the past and keeping them there will remind me that I am strong and I can do all the challenges that will come.