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Hello friends,

After 1 month with efforts from me, Moderators and Super Mods here, our forum keywords were improved on ( just mentione, not google in other countries, this need to wait a little time for google reorder the results :) )

I'm glad to announce our InternetMarketingStar keywords ( Advertising Forum, Internet Marketing forum ) are in top 10

With supports of Moderators and Super Moderators here, I hope this forum will be the #1 internet marketing forum soon, even can defeat Webmaster Sun and Warrior Forum out there :D

It's great when our forum is getting clicks from search engines for these keywords and other keywords.

Cheers, :Drinks::Friends:

Some screenshots


With internet marketing forum keyword


Let me know the results on your browsers, I know it can have the differences.


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Simply Awesome! I note WMS is second for internet marketing forum also which is very, very cool .... In sum its looking good on - better than which currently is: search results:

Advertising Forum: Ranked #32
Internet Marketing forum: Ranked #18

Hopefully the rankings will increase ASAP...


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Congrats internetmarketingstar archived great results on search engines.

I'm honour to be a member here.
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Looking at on my end its

Advertising Forum: Ranked #2
Internet Marketing forum: Ranked #8

Thanks Sid for checking!
Awesome!!! :Yourock:

Advertising Forum: #9
Internet Marketing forum #14

Hi @Sid, @Hostlumina and @Andrei

"The Journey" has just begun and it is still have a long road ahead to become the #1 advertising forum and internet marketing forum on the web!

It will need more efforts from me, Mods and members on the forum.

I will build more things to have give our forum staff and members to have more benefits from forum when it becomes popular in the future. All the plans will depend on each period.

Let's wait and see how it will be improved day by day!

Cheers :Cheers: :Drinks:
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Awesome man! congrats!
I've run a search and I got these results.

Advertising Forum: #1
Internet Marketing Forum: #8

Keep up the awesome work :)


Unbelievable a forum got high rankings in short time, I appreciated forum staff did and hope to learn more from the forum.

Congratulations for great success!


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When I used 'advertising forums' in google, is 5th in ranks. When I use 'internet marketing forums' Warrior is 2, Webmaster Sun is 4 and Internet Marketing Star is 10. But how awesome is that!