Best way to get facebook friends?


What is the best way to keep getting facebook friends consistently. How can I add 200 friends daily for my FB profiles without any limitations from Facebook?


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Like Luca said,

Are you promoting a service or content? If so, definitely create a facebook page for it.

Facebook in general is to keep in touch with family, friends, co-workers, and just people who are close in general. Yes, some use to meet others but what is the point of having 300+ strangers? What is the end goal for reaching 200 friends on a personal facebook profile?
How can I add 200 friends daily for my FB profiles without any limitations from Facebook?

If you do so, you'll be in the jail. Facebook will block you with many reason.

You should focus on provided quality content and interact with others.

add 5 friend a day thus you'll get 150 a month...

The numbers of friends are not so important, but the relationship. I used to spend 2 week to unfriend inactive and fake


I agree with everyone else, you need to post quality things, and make sure your profile is appealing to others. That is the best way to get more friends.


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My personal facebook page is for my friends, family, local groups, groups I like, etc. I use it for those reasons like many others. I have to agree with those that have said 'make a page' for people to like, or group for people to join, IMHO that would be the best way to get that many new friends.

David Ewen

The rushing of getting facebook friends at a rate of 200 per day requires using resources or tools that results in fake friends that have no value. What I mean by "no value" is that if the goal is to effectively communicate with them such as featuring a product or service, they will likely not have interest because them 'friending' you is fabricated. Getting a facebook page that goes beyond the limit of 5000 friends may have more value to you as those people wanted to click "LIKE" on the page. Getting qualified consumers or people to have value at what you are promoting, a fabricated replication is not the answer.

Now, if the goal is to have friends on a profile page just for the sake of them being listed, then there may be some online audience builders that you can pay online. Often this audience is developed with fake IDs.

Building an audience is not automatic if the goal is to reach real interested buyers of a product or service. My experience is building a facebook group where people registered to be part of the group. From 2009 to now, I just reached over 20,000 members.

What is the best way to keep getting facebook friends consistently. How can I add 200 friends daily for my FB profiles without any limitations from Facebook?


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Being good to people, that's when you can get a lot of friends on facebook. Post inspiring contents on your page. Do not bash on any of the comment sections. Spread your opinion but in a chill and informative way.


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You can decide to go through some of your friends list and check out those who who fancy and send them request. You can also follow through synchronizing your phone contacts through your Facebook account and it will automatically add all your phone contact friends who are on Facebook a friend request from you.


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Creating a Facebook page and post informative content, it's the fastest way to generate friends. If you want profile friends only, you can join different group chat or clan. Personally, I joined different group of buy and sell, since I'm into online selling.


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For me the best way to get facebook friends is not hard just be yourself. There is nothing to worry about if you have many or few friends on fb the important is they are true to you. Me I have only less 1 thousand friends on fb but many of them are my acquaintance. Some of my friends from other countries are also nice person, when encountering malicious I blocked them. But if you are in sales or marketing you must know how to get along with your friends on fb.
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Add your friend's friends by that it is easy to have Facebook Friends because the percentage of they'll accept your friend request is high.


I don't know the purpose of having so much friends on Facebook, because for me with only less than 300 friends, and most of them I already forgot how we become friends. but you.. You want 200 a day? well my advice is just keep adding 500 persons a day, look for some common friends, and add them. I don't know any apps for that.

samie peralta

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The best way and also safe way to have friends in facebook is that you need to socialize not just browsing in your home but have some outdoor and indoor activities, go to some parties and meet new friends that way you can gain on your social media and in your life.

Karl Joshua

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Message them first and tell them the reason for adding them. Introduce yourself in the nicest way but not to dogmatic in a sense. Relax, be confident, be ridiculous but don't be to meticulous. Be cool and Stay humble.

Changing your profile picture to more identifiable way may help.