Best language for web applications?

HTML5 has made it possible to combine classic web development languages with full-fledged programming languages like Python or Ruby to create web applications of all kinds, including games (which, despite their looks, are incredibly complex to make).
So, what is the best language to learn to create web apps (based on flexibility, ease of usage, accessibility and compatibility, etc.)?


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We have seen how HTML5 has been gaining popularity. Nowadays it's a more mature language. Firefox OS is built upon HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, so I vote for those three languages. HTML5 can help a lot with multimedia, CSS3 with the apperance and Javascript lets you build dynamic web apps.

Diya Agarwal

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Languages can mainly be sorted into two categories: Interpreted and Compiled. Interpreted languages, which are often dynamic, do not need to be compiled before they are ran. Compiled languages, as the name suggests, do need to be compiled before they are ran, but this gives them slightly better security and performance.
1. Interpreted Languages
2. Compiled Languages
We use PHP and Javascript together, and sometimes we use Ruby.