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Regardless if you are a beginner or professional email marketer, you need to know the domain make up of your lists. So that you can set up / acquire seed accounts for the domains that contain the largest percentage of users on your list. That way you can send inbox placement tests and know how your messages are inboxing.

Don't be fooled into thinking that because you are using a popular ESP, that all your mail is going to the inbox. Without knowing your inbox placement, you are probably leaving money on the table.

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Using the list analyzer, you can quickly and easily know the domain make up of your lists. By testing your inbox placement, you will know what domains are having a spam folder problem...before you ever send a message and have a chance to fix.

If your open rates are off / low, know for sure if it's your subject lines or a deliverability issue that is causing the problem.

Without knowing the true domain make up of your lists, any inbox placement tests sent, could be extremely inaccurate. Don't let this happen to you.

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The list analyzer can handle lists in the 100's, all the way to 100's of millions in size.

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