Any tips to promote on Facebook page?


Hi Internetmarketingstar members,
I have a Facebook page for our blog, it has about 2800 fans but growing slowly, everyday I can get some likes or lesser.
Can you suggest to me some tips to promote my blog on my Facebook page and increase fans for it
Your help is very welcomed!


This plan I have developed for one of my client you can also use it :-

Step 1: Create a Facebook Account ( Female ) in the Similar niche.
1. update complete profile so that it looks legit and make it PVA( Phone Verified Account)
2. like other pages in your niche.
3. join other groups in your niche.
4. take parts in discussion going over other group/pages.
5. leave link of our group and page with good comment ( No comments will be placed for example like our page , join our group , add me as it will get banned your account ).
6. Sending invitations to friends to be a group member.
Step 2 : Create a Facebook group .
1. be adding details and content.
2. be adding CTA ( Call-to-action) button.
3. It will be an open group.
4. Moderating group so that no irrelevant posting are done .
5. Replying over posting done in our group.
6. Joining other groups in your niche having more than 2k members.
7. Posting in other groups and taking part in discussion with company profile.
Step 3 : Will create a Facebook Page.
1. Will be adding details and content.
2. Will be adding CTA( Call-to-action ) button.
3. Moderating page so that no irrelevant posting are done.
4. Replying over posting doing on our page.


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I know that this might sound a bit strange to some people but one of the best ways to promote a Facebook page is to market the Facebook page on the other social media websites and especially on Twitter and Google Plus.

It might seem odd to promote a Facebook page on Facebook's competing social media websites but if you think about it the people on social media websites in general are going to be some of the people that you will want to see and check out your Facebook page.

This is something that you might want to check out if you are looking to promote any Facebook page.

Cheers, Dean.
Put your fan page URL in your email signature
Write a blog post about your new fan page
Tag other, well-trafficked fan pages in your updates
Ask your Twitter followers to join your fan page
Invest in Facebook ads
Customize your fan page URL
Put your fan page URL on your Twitter profile background
Put your fan page URL in your Keynote/PowerPoint slides

Create a personal account and join various groups of your niche, then share your post of your page in those groups. It will increase the post engagement of your post and also you'll get like from the members of the group.

If you just want to increase the likes of your page, share your page in groups that provide you likes. Example: Like for Like