Advantages of advertising?


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What are the major advantages of advertising? Does it help me expand the market, increase sales and defeat my competitors?


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It gives you more sales for which you are selling online.

Also it is very fast to get customers when you buy advertisements from high traffic sites.


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Advertising has many different advantages and depending on what or how you are advertising theose advantages can be different. The main advantages are that you can increase traffic to your website or blog, social page or account, product or service and advertising can also help to get you more sales and have higher earnings.

It all depends on what, how and where you are advertising as well as a few other factors that will determine exactly what all the different advantages will be. ;)


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What are the major advantages of advertising?
Doing better in business and making more money of course! LOL

Does it help me expand the market, increase sales and defeat my competitors?
It can help all of those aspects and many more. Advertising helps you, your business or your products and services to be seen by more potential buyers. A general rule of business is that the more people know about you and see your advertisement then the more business you will do. Of course it depends on other factors but that's the basics.

Cheers, Dean.

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Advertising is a good way to get you or your business and your products or services introduced to new potential clients. Advertising can draw people to see what you have to offer and it can even be a deciding factor to the potential client.


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Advertising helps to get people to know about your product, service or business by having ads shown to them. The more people see your advertisements then the more sales, sign-ups, subscriptions, conversions you will have. Advertising is something that all major businesses do and it's for the same reasons as well.


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It helps people to see what you are offering. Without advertising you have to just get lucky and hope people find what you are marketing or promoting. Advertising gets you seen!


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Here are the advantages of advertising, it will help you to introduce your product in the market especially when its new. It can increased sales that can help in the expansion of in the market of your company and might help to show that your company has a good reputation that might lead in other business opportunities


I guess that the first advantage that comes to mind, considering advertising, is that it has the advantage to generate one revenue. If you have ads on your site which you can get clients and customers to frequent, then you should obviously be compensated for that. Also, if you develop relationships with some of the people you are advertising more, this can lead to more personal business opportunities for you as well.


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There are various advantages of advertising. It is a way of introducing your product to your prospect customers. You are giving them ideas on what to expect and inform them the quality of your product, therefore it can helps you easily market your products. When you advertise, you are already selling your product to potential customers. One of its purpose is to influence them to buy your products. So you can expect an increase volume of sales. If that happened, you can say that the expense you incurred in advertisement is worth it. As what I have observed now a days, when choosing a product people consider the one they saw in advertisement because for them it is more trusted and has high quality.


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In its simplest form, there are two types of advertising, free advertising and paid advertising. Both of them generate traffic to your website and both of them increases the chances of you getting revenue.

Free advertising is great because of the obvious - it's free! You don't have to pay anything in order to get traffic. The problem with this method is that free promotion takes a bit of time and effort. And the results are erratic. There would be times that you get a lot of traffic, and there are times that you only get a few.

Paid advertising on the other hand makes your life much easier. You get traffic to your website a lot faster and you usually are able to reach a specified target market. Of course, the downside would be the part where you need to pay cash.


Note, it's possible to get really low-quality ads, fake ads, or mismanage funds for good ones. In that case, a lot of money could be lost, also creating a negative situation that encourages the marketer to give up. Therefore, it's very important to do your homework before diving into this stuff.


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Yes advertising is good and has many advantages but the key is to find the right types of advertising and the right places to advertise. If you are going to be advertising on a website or forum then you need to advertise on one that has the right people going to it in order to make it the most effective.


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Advantage: The biggest benefit you can get from the advertising is gaining the biggest attention and with the moving colorful picture, you can provide all feature of the product you want to sell and take the audience to the first level of cognitive, which is awareness.
Disadvantage: Advertising makes a minority effect on sales as it is only there to inform and create awareness. People nowadays tend to be skeptical about everything that advertising shows except for all the feature of the product.