4 reasons for failures of marketing campaigns in e-commerce

4 reasons for failures of marketing campaigns in e-commerce

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    4 reasons for failures of marketing campaigns in e-commerce

    Alas, not every post in the social network, not every email newsletter and not every advertising gives the expected result. Marketing campaigns sometimes fail. And if there is such a nuisance, it is always important to understand where the error was and how to avoid it in the future.

    Things do not always go according to plan. You can have the most creative content or super valuable analytic data, but your marketing activity still sometimes fails.

    In this article we will look at common reasons for which marketing campaigns in e-commerce may fail.

    1. You expect too much
    In his famous article of 1989 about the expectations from marketing the professor Thomas Bonom writes that there is no business process for which top managers have experienced more worries than for the marketing. The author notes that the success of a marketing campaign largely depends on how the business expectations of top management corresponds with the result.

    This also applies to small companies, where the top manager is also a marketer. One of the mistakes that often leads to the failure of a marketing campaign is setting of unrealistic or too abstract goals and high expectations of the outcome.

    When planning any marketing activity, always remember the golden rule of goal setting: the goal should be "smart". Hence the famous mnemonic acronym SMART, according to the explanation the purpose should always be:


    With this easy-tasking rules your expectations from your marketing campaigns will often coincide with the results.

    2. You have chosen the wrong product or irrelevant offer for the client
    This is another mistake in the marketing campaign, which led to its failure. Improper season, the audience or the geographical scope of the campaign may ruin your plans for the sales.

    Of course, you can get the attention of your potential customers via e-mail-campaigns, social networks or advertising, but make sure that you make a relevant proposal to them. In winter, most likely, a bikini will not be bought, and in the summer - a ski suit. Or, for example, it is just pointless to offer air-conditioning to the audience from the region with cool climate.

    3. You were not able to reach your potential customers
    Sometimes communication with the audience in marketing may seem like a cry in the empty room. The problem of marketing campaign failure may lie in the fact that its main message does not reach your customers and potential customers. This happens for various reasons:

    you promote in the wrong place;
    you choose the wrong keywords;
    campaign has lasted not long enough.

    When planning a marketing campaign, make sure it is clearly targeted to your potential customers.

    4. Your actions do not meet your goals
    Quite often on the sites of many online stores you can see the pop-up windows with an offer to subscribe to the company e-mailing in exchange for a discount or other amenities. This technique can increase the number of your subscribers. And it's great, if this is your goal. But if using this pop-up window on the site you are going to, for example, increase sales by 40% in three days, then it certainly will not work.

    Sometimes marketing campaigns fail because of the incorrect use of tools and tactics to achieve their goals.

    Hopefully this short list of common errors of marketing campaigns is useful to you in the planning of marketing activities of your business.