1. Michael

    Separate Facebook accounts for business and personal

    I'm still learning about a lot of things and was wondering if it is better to have one Facebook account for your personal stuff like for family and friends and have another separate account for business and internet marketing. What's the best way to go for this?
  2. Catherine1

    Is Chitika good?

    I have been looking at Chitika for some time off and on but I don't know if it's any good. Has anyone used them or know if they are good? I don't want to waste my time if they are not worth the time and effort or not. Any good info will be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Catherine1

    Is Good?

    I have seen people online and around locally mention this social media site but I haven't used it. Is good or at least useful for our internet marketing? I am just lost with this one and have no experience with it. :(
  4. Catherine1

    Are magazine affiliate programs good?

    I found a magazine affiliate program that has many offerings in the niche that my blog is in and was thinking about placing some affiliate ads on my blog for them but I don't know if magazine affiliate items are good for sales or not. Has anyone tried any magazine affiliate programs or know if...