1. grawhill

    Google Ranking Factors

    What are the top Google ranking factors in 2019?
  2. grawhill

    SEO Updates

    There is huge changes in my website traffic, is there any google updates in recent times?
  3. Catherine1

    Are there any good Google Adwords courses?

    I want to learn more about Google Adwords and I am tired at looking at lots of websites that only have a little good information on it. Does anyone know if there are any good Google Adwords courses out there?
  4. Dean

    Has Google Adsense worked for you?

    Lately I have been going over my records and trying to get more organized. In doing so Ifound out how much I made each month that I have used Adsense. There has been a big fluctuation in Adsense earnings amounts the last couple years. I have earned between $125 for a month and $1,200. So as...
  5. Amante Inc


    Most people are aware that companies track their online behavior in order to better understand what causes consumers to take certain decisions. However, many do not realize the importance of "autonomous" or off-line data that is appreciated as much as its online "colleague". And if a company is...
  6. DorisRon


    Stephanie Bauer Marshall, who serves as a director of marketing for Verizon Wireless, is confident that the mobile advertising ecosystem is in chaos today. And cross-device tracking technology helps brands and publishers to make sense of the chaos. What is cross-device tracking? This is a...
  7. DorisRon


    Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL are "big five" of digital advertising, which simply could not get past the algorithmic buying. If give the companies the traits of animals from the list of the most honorable trophies of African safari, then Google, of course, is the lion, which means...
  8. ulterios

    Has anyone seen any rankings or traffic changes with the Google Penguin 4.0 update?

    I never take any of the Google updates too seriously because they have never really had any kind of highly notable changes for my sites when they happened. Now that Google has rolled out the Penguin 4.0 (Real-Time Updating) I have started to see a big burst in traffic to all of my websites...
  9. Maria Marketing

    How much money is realistic to make with Adsense?

    I have seen lots of articles around the internet saying that you can make thousands and thousands of dollars with Adsense and it's supposed to be easy. I know that it surely isn't that easy to make lots of money or everyone would be doing it. So to be realistic, how much money can the average...
  10. Jonathan

    Need help! 301 redirect urls still in search results

    We have changed the url structure on the site however google is indexing both the old and new urls. We have checked through independent scripts that the urls are redirecting correctly. Any ideas why both are continuing to be picked up by Google? We are concern that if both pages stay in the...