1. smartman658

    Should i have 2 or 3 alternatives when creating a new logo for website ?

    I am now working with a designer, should i tell him to create 2 or 3 alternative logos for my business and change them periodically? Or should i stick with just one, as a point to be more recognizable? What do you think?
  2. Joan Angeles

    Graphic Design for beginners

    Hi everyone, I am a nursing graduate but I didn't really pursue my career as a nurse. I ventured the online world and I found out that I really am having fun while earning money online. I was browsing jobs available online and I noticed most of the companies nowadays are looking for a graphic...
  3. Ana

    Are more images better for a blog?

    I will be making a new blog or maybe 2 of them and I have been trying to organize many things before I start making the blog. I was wondering if it is better to have more images on a blog to make it look real nice or is it better to limit the number images so that it will load more quickly. What...
  4. JennyJ

    Do professional landing page designs convert better?

    I was reading a blog post and it said that sometimes it's better to have a professionally designed landing page to get better conversions. Is this true or do you think that it professional landing pages are not worth the cost?
  5. Dean

    Do you use elaborate landing pages?

    Lately in my internet travels I have seen a very large amount of simple and plain looking landing pages being used. These landing pages look extremely basic with very little detail. I don't know if it's just what I have come across or if this is a new trend. Over the years there were a lot...
  6. v3locim

    Selling Design and Development Services - Websites, Landing Pages, Print Media and More - VelocimDesigns

    Hello Guys! I'm Sib, an experienced Designer & Developer. Recently I've turned my freelance practice into a fully operational WebDevelopment agency with an amazing experienced team. Our website: You can reach us on skype: sibtain.gironella or e-mail us at...
  7. Ana

    Is a paid website design better for the website success?

    Hello, I am wanting to know if it is better for the success of a website if it is design by a professional or better to do it yourself to learn how to do this. I want a wordpress website and someone at work said a paid website design will be better for a successful website than to do it by...