1. Joan Angeles

    E-commerce agent

    Hi everyone, I was hired as an agent in one company. I don't have any knowledge yet about e-commerce. I just know that it's a buy and sell business. Would you guys recommend something that I can use for beginners or any recommendation I prepare? I would really appreciate your response.
  2. Michael

    Separate Facebook accounts for business and personal

    I'm still learning about a lot of things and was wondering if it is better to have one Facebook account for your personal stuff like for family and friends and have another separate account for business and internet marketing. What's the best way to go for this?
  3. Ourbusinessladder

    Top business ideas for women!!

    The idea presented here also fall under the category of small scale businesses. These ideas are those which don’t require much investment and thus don’t have much liability. Another good feature of these businesses is that they don’t require much paperwork or licensing from authorities. Though...
  4. Ourbusinessladder

    Blog Commenting!!

    We are into Market research and Business consultant services. We provide mind blowing amazing tips for the startup/entrepreneurs to start their own business. Its pleasure to invite you all to our blog, and we look forward to your comments. Blog:
  5. DorisRon

    "DARK DATA": What to do if ...

    It sounds as if someone had prepared a sinister plot and intends to use the policy of world domination. But do not worry, because "dark data" is not as scary as it seems at first glance. "Dark data" is not at all a threat to your business. It is a good term, but not quite accurate. In...