What is the best format to make backups in cpanel?


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I was wondering what kind of file format is the best one for making backups in the cpanel file manager? I always use the .zip formation because that is what is already checked. I saw there is also a .tar option.

Which one is the best one for backups for my wordpress blog? Is one better or does it not matter which one we use?


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I always make mine in the zip format myself because I have just always used that format since some of the hosting companies I use in the past had only that format for a choice.

I think the tar format is for moving from one hosting company to another one because I I have seen some things about uploading a tar backup for free website moves. I don't know if they are for just that though so you will have to see if someone else knows.


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Backups made in the .zip format will be compressed and be smaller in size. Backups made in the .tar format will not be compressed and will be larger in file size.

I would stick with the .zip format unless you have a specific need for uncompressed backups or some other specific reason.


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In cpanel it is the best option to choose the .zip backup format. It is smaller in the file sizes. I tried both to check one time the the .zip was smaller.


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Go ahead and setup automatic backups to an offsite server or cloud storage so you are always prepared in case of any server failures.