Review for my site


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Hi John,

When I checked your website, the first thing I noticed is that your Image Header is quite big for the normal images and header that I see online so far. In websites, I always check the spacing and if they made us of maximizing the space they have in order for their audience / potential Business partners / customers see what your site is all about. Make use of all the spaces you can especially on top, put all necessary information that a Customer wants. Actually, you can squeeze in everything in one page if only the fonts / heading smaller.
It's great that you've said something a little about yourself, but I prefer it to be on the header instead placed at the bottom.

Muath Alhaj

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not bad ... but you can make it better,
and I think it's not a good idea to put your picture twice on the main page of the website, one time is better, it's just an opinion brother.