Payment methods


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Is there any other way than paypal to get paid for your services or you are hired from someone?

Do you think Paypal is the #1 choice?


Yes, PayPal is the best option and almost every buyer or seller uses this method. Some also go for checks or direct money transfers or deposits. But I personally choose PayPal for both buying and selling online internationally. There have been more recent developments where newer options have also been included, such as payoneer, payza, bitcoin wallets payment system, others. But many of them are currently not supported for some countries. Also PayPal is unsupported in some of the African countries. But still PayPal comes at no. 1 because it has been in the market for a very long time and it will remain forany years to come.


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Yep, PayPal is a tried and tested way of transferring money online. It's the preferred mode of payment by most online freelancers. I personally love using PayPal. Ever since I started doing online gigs, I had PayPal. It's very easy to send and receive money and also transfer money to your bank account.

Aside from PayPal, Western Union is also pretty good. It's the preferred mode of payment if you have Adsense. I've been paid numerous times by Google through Western Union and I haven't encountered any problems.