No more Adobe Flash?


I saw this article in the net that Google will no longer use Adobe flash in their browsers.
And while surfing the net I keep seeing a dialogue box on top of some of the websites I am visiting that this site is an Adobe Flash supported site.

Is adobe flash important?
would it cause any issue for those who has this plug in installed in their browser?


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Been reading about it myself also. It should be interesting what adobe is going to do moving forward. So far their indications seem to be to continue supporting it as their latest release is no longer blocked by Firefox.

Personally, I have stopped using flash for a very long time. With all this negative buzz this week, it wouldn't surprise me if many are going to begin dropping it.

Adobe is important since many sites still use it. I do not think it will be an issue to those using as long as it is kept up to date and you are visiting trustworthy sites as it appears the biggest issue at the moment is a number of malicious sites.


Thanks for that @Hostlumina . Actually I am a little worried about this news. I am a researcher and all information for me is considered important.
So as you said that some sites are still using Adobe Flash is a little bit unsettling. Anyways, I hope Google, Windows and Apple can offer better tools that can replace Adobe Flash