How to increase views of my video?


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Are you trying to share them on the social media sites? Facebook is good for this. If you can find some good facebook groups then share your videos with them that can sometimes help. I have a friend who does this and he gets good amount of views for his videos from doing this.


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Probably one of the best ways to get more views of your Youtube video would be to market them on the social media websites and I would go with Facebook and Google+ for video marketing.


I have seen people marketing their videos in Facebook groups that are for the same niche that the group is about. Facebook groups have a lot of that that I have seen so it must work for a lot of people.

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Increasing the viewers of you tube any videos is not easy way at all. There are so many vidioes on the internet as same of your video. I can give you some basic types to increase videos on the internet.
1. Use good descriptions, titles, and tags.
2. Promote your video on social media, websites, and blogs.
3. Use good editing. Add some music and include text info.
4. Get subscribers. Ask for likes and shares, and create playlists.
5. Consider buying views, but make sure that it doesn't violate the terms of service.
6. Use Third Party Sites with caution.
Now the main fact is you need a social media expert to increase your viewers.
There are 11 ways to to increase views of your video:
1. Create great titles
2. Create clear YouTube Thumbnails
3. Optimize your channel
4. Video SEO
5. Stay active in the community
6. Contests
7. Collaborate
8. Interact with your audience
9. Create playlists
10. Include calls-to-action
11. Promote your YouTube channel on different networks.


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When you do your video, you also have to think about making a trailer. Something that shows people really fast what your video is about, something that make people click and watch the full video and, of course, you have to post it on social media. That's what popular youtubers do.


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Make a video that will interest people to watch, something that is entertaining or informative. Think of any idea that would catch people's attention, then put it on your video. Share it on all of your social media accounts, pin it on your profile if available. You can also ask your friends to share it for you. Title and captions are important too, remember, a catchy title will also attrack them to play your video.


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Post them on social media sites. Facebook is doing a great job on this. Don't just post the video on your wall are on your news feed. Try to post it on Facebook Groups especially those Groups that have a lot of members. But you have to make sure that the video is also related to the Group's advocacy.

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I will suggest you that make your video description more accurate. and the tags are should be related to video properly.
and you have to regularly active on your post, you should reply your viewer and commentators regularly.


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There are ways to make your videos "suggested videos" on youtube might want to check that out. :) It will be a great help for you to get new viewers that way. You can also visit other famous youtuber account that has a same content like you make and post on there comment box to market your own channel. And lastly make some interesting new videos, great background, a clear and high defenition one's are good as well. I'm an addict user of youtube, I spend most of my time watching video. Goodluck! :)


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Increasing views on your video can be quite challenging. So I personally think that you should always make sure that your content is worth watching and you also need to focus on the quality of your video as well. Another things is that, having a good title, description and tags using keywords will make an enormous difference. Don’t forget to make an intriguing thumbnail that people would want to click on. And ofcourse, rweet it, post it, and share it yourself. You should have friends or peers who would be interested (at least your mom, right?). Lastly, do not give up. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Don’t be like the millions of other people who give up after the first setback.