How to choose a domain?

Your domain name is your identity on the web; you want to make sure you choose a name that not only fits your business, but is also simple to find and promote.
Follow the steps below,
1. Make it easy to type
2. Keep it short
3. Use keywords
4. Target your area
5. Avoid numbers and hyphens
6. Be memorable
7. Research it
8. Use an appropriate domain name extension
9. Protect and build your brand
10. Act fast
Try it now.


I think choosing a domain name really depend on the niche and what the blog would be all about.

one has to be creative and innovative about a domain name,so as to suit the time and age.


Well, I think a domain name has to be niche relevant, and easy to recall. While I wouldn't say it's the most important aspect of your business a good name can definitely help your customers remember you. Think of it like your "brand"


I am the type of person that does some overthinking often times. I just like to make sure that what I decide on something is the best choice.

It took me a few weeks to figure out the name that I wanted to use for my new blog but I finally got a good one I think.

I usually do not like expired domains because you never know what was done with the site on them completely. They might have done some black hat seo or something else bad.
Nice thought , thanks for share it.
A domain name is how your website will be known online, no material what type of website you'll have. It is the unique address of your site on the internet and it will be yours as long as you continue paying the annual fee ($10 - $15 for .com domain). Users who know your domain, officially referred to as a URL (uniform resource locator) can simply type it in their browser's address bar, and be taken there. Others will be able to discover your blog from first to last search engines such as Google and Bing.