Getting the Best Results from YouTube

David Ewen

YouTube evolved into one of the greatest video sharing sites people know. It has become the second largest search engine second to Google. And Google owns YouTube. The platform maintains its strength by having a powerful developer and search engine behind it. As a social media sight, YouTube enjoys the same popularity and uniqueness as Facebook. A monstrous number of hours of content upload every day. With the evolution of smartphones, varieties of candid and on the spot videos find their way to YouTube. Simple free video editors like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker has increased in popularity with the growth of YouTube. Any major producer of movies or product developer for a company has a trailer or promo video online. When people want to learn something, they go to YouTube to learn how.

Anyone can take hold of the power YouTube gives web marketers and businesses. The monetization of YouTube videos generates revenue for businesses. With a variety of ad options that include embedding, banners, and more, people enjoy a greater chance of generating revenue with YouTube. Content on YouTube crowds and camouflages the good content. People needing improved representation on YouTube must do more for greater recognition. Many views on YouTube involve a search for the content owner. A good profile provides interest to other videos uploaded by the same user. One good video generates leads to other videos this way. A YouTube channel offers the ability to have a trailer that entices visitors to see more and visit often. The profile must include a good profile picture and description. Visitors look for detail from authors of incredible videos. The primary channel page introduced on Facebook or Twitter drives social media traffic to YouTube videos. The general online visitor has attraction to videos.

With today's evolving technologies even on the smart device people carry, the necessity of videos in high definition with crisp sound had greater importance. Although smartphones have good quality, a quality camera that does better with picture and sound makes videos more enticing and attractive. These cameras have external condenser directional mics for a crisp amplified sound. The requirements include well lit images, at least thirty frames per second, sound recorded at 44.1K KHz with no less than 16 bit PCM. The sound density sounds more natural with an analog sound at the common 192 bit PCM. To give that professional TV sound, the removal of white noise provides a professional sound. A great free tool for sound editing comes from Audacity from Sourceforge.
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Your post is so educational! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. I have seen how much the youtube community has grown up in the past year and how it is gaining force as a marketing platform. I am thinking about creating my own youtube channel but I was a little bit lost. Your post has given me the guidelines I was looking for!