1. Maria Marketing

    Should I buy an email list?

    My email marketing list if kind of small and it's not getting any sales that often so I was thinking about buying an email list to increase my sales and the number of emails on my list. I have never bought an email list but I have seen some posts about people doing that. Is it a good idea to...
  2. JennyJ

    Do ebooks sell well?

    I have seen a lot of websites that are selling ebooks lately and I was wondering if they sell well or not. I am talking mostly about ebooks that you write yourself or pay someone to write and not novels or ebooks like that. Does anyone know if ebooks sell well or not?
  3. iworku

    hire local freelancer in US to call a company in NJ

    Our company is specializing in the production of circular knitted interlining and woven fusible interlining. We need you to call MTA MANGEMENT LLC and find the following info: 1. keyperson's contact info: purchase manager for lining cloth or other keypersons making purchase decisions which...
  4. ulterios

    How has your marketing done in 2016?

    As we near the end of 2016 I have been looking through my records to see how well my marketing efforts have done and found that my sales have been about the same as last year for the most part and about what I expected. I was hoping for better numbers but have been busy and haven't been able...