google adsense

  1. alexanderzx360

    Best Google Adsense alternatives for earning money?

    I'm starting to make some videos that might or might not go viral, and I'm wondering what are the best advertisement service to include in your video that could earn me the most money, It doesn't have to be Youtube, it could be something like Vimeo, but I need other alternatives besides Google...
  2. Catherine1

    Which is better, Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?

    I have been thinking about applying to get approved by Google Adsense and in doing some information gathering I have found that there are many people that recommend affiliate marketing over Adsense. They don't really go into detail but say that affiliate marketing usually makes more money but...
  3. Dean

    Do you use Google Adsense?

    I use Google Adsense on a few of my websites but not all of them because I have found that on some I will earn more money by using other forms of monetization. I am wondering how many of our Internet Marketing Star members use Adsense. Do you use Google Adsense to earn money on your website...