domain names

  1. david smith

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  2. JennyJ

    Should I register the .net version of my .com domain?

    I was wondering if it is a good idea to register the .net version of my .com domain I am using for my blog but I don't know if I should or just not waste the money. Is it good to register the .net version just to make sure that nobody else gets it?
  3. Maria Marketing

    Are .cooking domain names good?

    I was wondering if domain names that are in the .cooking extension are good or if they are just something to avoid. I have a cooking blog so I though one might be good and I found a real good one that is available. What do you think? :)
  4. Ben

    Help choosing a new domain

    I will be starting a new blog and was looking at available domain names and wanted some input from anyone who cares to help. My question is should I choose a domain name with and enhancer word in front of a keyword like "TopCars" or "BestCars" or something like a name plus the keyword like...
  5. DTS-NET

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  6. Storm

    Any SEO for using a keyword extension in a domain name?

    I keep seeing these new domain extensions like .guru, .hosting, .market and things like that. Is there any SEO benefit for using one of those new domain extensions?