Should I post on the social media networks every day?


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It is up to you. You all have the freedom to post everyday, its okay to post all the moments you had, what you felt. Where you went..add some pictures on it. The purpose of the social media is to share your life to other people, to your friends in social media. So its up to you.


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Yes you need to post every day to update your daily task and know all your followers that you active every day and make it more followers


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Posting in social media in a regular basis is good for business especially if it is marketing the social media users. Users never log out all at the same time, there are always numbers of them remaining in the field, one would sign out but another will sign in, meaning potential consumers never diminish . Posting regularly could attract this flooding numbers leading to business stability. Through these posts, you could also guaranty your existing customers that you are still active and functioning. Feeding them with updates will earn you their trust and build a stronger customer relationship.


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I try to post on the social media network websites every day but sometimes I am not able to. Does anyone think that it is needed to post every day on the social media networks or is it ok to post almost every day?

Actually you can post not everyday. Just post some IMPORTANT EVENTS happened in your life like you pass the exam, win in a lottery, or something like your celebrating a birthday with your family and friends, and etc.
It isn't needed to post everyday or almost everyday in social media networks. It just depends on the user if he/she will post every day or not.
Don't make your social media networks as your diary because social media networks are only intended to connect people around the world with your love ones, shares positive post and many more. Just intact in your mind that social media are not an online diary so it is very okay not to post every day in social media networks.


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I definitely feel posting on social media everyday is needed. I always look at things from a business standpoint. Social media costs us $0.00 to promote; the only cost we really pay is our privacy. If you're trying to become well-known, sale a product, or to just let others know what you feel about a certain topic, posting everyday will bring a steady consistent crowd to you.

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If you want to achieve the best success and most benefits from the use of social media then I recommend that you post at least 1 time each day.

I recommend 2-4 posts per day on Twitter as a minimum and 2 as a minimum on Facebook and Google+. You can do more if you want or can but these are the minimums that I would recommend to get better results from the use of the social media site.

To make Dean's advice practicable, you can make use of the various software and apps that do the posting for you once you set them. Some software remind you when to post.

It is critical to keep your posting regular in order to keep your followers and gain more.


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It depends.
If you think your like is happening enough to post your daily events on social media then its superb.
If it is not then i don't think its a good idea.
Many people are there to comment and like, so posting daily will distract you uselessly.
It can also put a stress and depression on your mind


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Well, it depends. It depends on how you would like to post and the purpose of posting. If its business purposes, I guess it is really necessary. If you only want to post just to show off your everyday routine, no way. Posting should always be for good purpose. On my personal experience, I only post those memories that matter to me. I don't post when it is not too important. I especially don't want to share my personal issue with someone or with anyone.


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Well, for me it is pretty simple. If you really have something to share on facebook then post it in. As long as you know your limitations then I think it is fine. Just a simple advice my friend, do not post something you cannot justify. Some of the people post on facebook when they are mad or stuff like that then later on they will try erase when they better but one thing they don't realize, damage has been done. They will get bashed and worst is the psychological stress takes place.


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It actually depends on your intention. If you're promoting a product, then you could post as often as everyday to increase the popularity of the product. If you want to share your philosophy to enlighten others you may as well post as often as everyday. Social media is a place where people could easily reach out with other people, but always keep in mind that not everything should be posted. You can say that everyone has the freedom of speech. Yes, that's very true. But, the fact that social media is an open place for everyone registered, you have to be careful. Personal matters that could compromise your and your family's security should not be published. Rant's that could cause defamation as well should not be posted. I know that we all love our freedom of speech, but we should also consider the consequences of our actions. Remember, what has been seen cannot be unseen.