How useful is YouTube for Internet Marketing?


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I keep on encountering sentiments online that YouTube and videos is the new King of Content.

How useful are videos on YouTube for Internet Marketing?

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Well... Video Marketing is the best form of content delivery available since it allows you to interact in a way that written content can't plus it's faster than reading.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that YouTube is the best video marketing platform and I say this for the fact that you really can't interact with the video like in a live stream but, it's among the best. Besides, YouTube is the second biggest search engine so being there is basically a must no matter your niche.

If you are not using YouTube for content delivery then I highly recommend you to try it.
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Youtube or video marketing is very helpful because of peoples not only look at video but also hear your sound which help you to attract customers and it will be more easy then any text or image advertisement.

Youtube is a good platform for getting free traffic and promoting your business. We can post tutorials related to our niche. Just for example If you have a datacenter/server company then you can post video on how to repair server and it will be viewed by many peoples who look for a quick solution or repairing their servers and it will be a easy trick to advertise about your business.