How do you use social networks for your business?

Michael Meaney

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The question is how effective it is while using network marketing methods to serve for your business?
Is it only like and share or is it retweeting? How do you approach your potential customer from social networks?
Please share your experience...


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Don't fully understand your first question....but

Used twitter networking in the past doing the following and gave some good results in the past:
- Studied the target market to determine their social network usage
- Followed the targeted market and interact with them to create a following.
- Tweet/shared useful, insightful items / Link them to your web site if possible.
- Balanced professionalism with getting slightly personal (we are all human - share that side too)
- Used twitter cards for promotions/new services
- Used appropriate # tags.
- Did not DM offering services/product. This is just another form of Spam.
- Joined online communities to share knowledge and gain trust.

Now the above is just some of it and it requires a lot of dedication and work.

The dedication put into any marketing will determine how successful it is on serving the business. however, you also need to study your market, what social networks are they at? do they use social network?

Example: If your niche market are local plumbers to sell them the Ultimate Plumbers Plunger for when Sh*t hits the fan. I bet that in my area about 90% of them do not use social media and are more word to mouth + local ad advertisements.

Would it make sense to invest in any social media for those plumbers? probably not and your best bet is door knocking at their businesses, registering/joining a local chamber of commerce(s) to network, and some local SEO to be found.

Bottom line, your market determines where the efforts go to and method(s) for social marketing. It is up to the business on the execution for its' success at that point.


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Most network marketing companies come with a blogging platform, your sub-domain is also under an authority site which might help you get search engine traffic. So use that blogging platform and if your network company doesn't have one then you can create one yourself.

Create valuable blog posts (use images, text, video, infographics or even audio) use those blog posts to build trust with your social media audience. Each social network has it's own approach so I would advise you to do some research on individual social networks, I won't get into that.

You can go to youtube and start typing things like: "promote MLM on facebook"... "how to build an MLM business using twitter"... "google plus tips for network marketers" etc.

Social media marketing can take a while, so understand that it will take some time for you to build a responsive audience. So I would advise you to start with a facebook profile and group/community. Your target can be to add at least 5 to 10 people to your facebook group a day for instance.

Social media marketing works well with content, so also do some basic research on content marketing as well. This will help you to avoid getting overwhelmed with coming up with great content all the time (Writer's Block). There's no need to use original content all the time, you should learn how to take content that already exists and present it in a unique way. You can also visit old blogs and re-write their outdated posts and make it fresh.

Make sure that your content is worth sharing, when people share your content on social media and other online platforms, they make your marketing job a lot easier. Also make it easy for your audience to share your content by having sharing buttons on your blog/site.

That's how I would promote a network marketing company via social media, by simply using a blog. But don't rely on one traffic source, also check out things such as guest blogging, SEO, video marketing, email marketing (which most likely is part of the mlm program), forum marketing etc. always diversify.


I'm trying to engage followers with different information, images, videos, infographics and gifs which they might relevant and interesting. I always post content from my blog and a website, also. I ask them question, look for opinions, answer their questions, and always trying to connect them somehow.