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There are numerous internet marketing forums and advertising forums ranking on search engines, with many promising to give your site more traffic and more sales. But are they all legit? Do they deliver the results they claim to?

Here at InternetMarketingStar our verifiable statistics speak for themselves. We do not simply claim to have a high SEO rating or over 7000+ registered members. The stats are available online, showing our Google traffic map with over 35,000 visitors a month.

Simply run a check on any search engine including Google, Yahoo, Bing search,..etc and we pop up on the very top of the search list queries like advertising forum, internet marketing forum, online marketing forum...just mentioning a few. By listing your products and services with us you benefit from the success of our web presence, gaining a following and exposure which would otherwise take you months or even years to build.

Building a credible web presence with high SEO ranking takes commitment, resources and skill. If you launched your site and tried to build this presence on your own, it would be a daunting task as you compete for ranking with other competitors and big brands in your field.

Take advantage of our services and go from zero to hero in no time. Come out of the dark reaches of the web and see your services, product or website rocket to the top of web searches across all popular search engines and social networks including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

We offer listings in a vast array of categories which have been boosted to top web searches. List your goods or services, whatever they are: mobile phones, websites offering services in various fields or even an advertising service. Whatever your SEO needs are, you will benefit from listing with us.

Who visits Internet Marketing Star?

While other sites boast of a high volume of 'BOT' visitors, our visitors come from regions specific to your product and service. We have visitors on our advertising forum come from over 196 countries around the world, which include other Webmaster sites, prospective clients, Internet Marketing Experts, CEO's, Website Professionals, Web Hosting Companies, SEO Consultants, E-Commerce Company Executives, Business Development Executives, and other technical professionals.

Why join us at Internet Marketing Star?

Simple, because you want to win. Run with winners and you will win. Run with losers and the tale is lost. We win because we are:
- Are a leading authority website in advertising online fields.
- We are interactive allowing the exchange of ideas in our internet marketing forum and online advertising forums.
- Outrank the competition boasting consistent high traffic from search engines.
- Our famous Alexa ranking increases daily.

Step out of the dark and into the light with Internet Marketing Star!

Advertising Spots Available:
x 60 Top Header - $35 per 30 days - 1 available
272 x 225
Right Sidebar - $25 per 30 days - 2 more available
x 127 Right Sidebar - $15 per 30 days - 2 more available

(Discounts are available for longer advertising terms of 3 & 6 months)

(We can resize some ads to fit these size requirements. Ask for details if needed)

Payments are done via Paypal.

Contact us to request an advertising spot now!

Thank you and have a great day!
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